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Therapy can be a helpful tool in processing or unpacking a lot of life’s experiences that are difficult and overwhelming. Many people struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, or relationship stress, just to name a few. You’re not alone! Everyone has the capacity for change and growth and it is through accessing your innate strengths and discovering new insights in therapy that you will be able to unlock your potential and move closer to becoming your ideal self.  I can offer you a safe space where you are open to be yourself and express your thoughts and feelings, completely free of judgment.


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Individual therapy is a place where you can experience a supportive environment, where you can talk openly and freely without judgment, with someone who is objective and neutral. As your therapist, I can help you explore and discover new insights in order to understand the roots of your current problem and learn how to develop new ways of being. Below is a list of some of the populations I typically work with. Please note that I am not limited to these services and am open to working with any individual.